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Kangen Water is:

Micro-Clustered–made into smaller molecules (by electricity) for better faster hydration. Hydrogen rich that is full of antioxidants. Alkalized-reverses the acidity consumed in the average American diet….

Kangen Water Machine
daily intensive moisturizer


Our problem-focused acne line has real solutions for a problem that is different for everyone who is affected by it.

We truly believe in creating a line of acne products for every type of acne and every skin type, not a “one solution fits all” approach to being clear.

Health Coaching Programs with Bria

I am a Certified Health Coach trained in natural health and nutrition. I believe the human body is powerful and able to heal itself  and/or find optimal health, wellness and performance when given the nourishment it was created to thrive on. I offer FREE 30min. consults to clients ready to change….