I am a Weekly Grocery Shopper


I am constantly grocery shopping to keep up with fresh foods.

I changed the way I eat drastically in a way. I’ve always loved healthy foods and it was not hard to eat healthy so I thought. I just wasn’t doing it the right way. All my meals always had a carb and a protein together. Therefore making it a catalyst meal in my stomach which made acid break it all down. I was constantly overeating and maybe only eating 3 or 4 times a day. I was getting nowhere and feeling sicker.

Once I changed my meals, to just carbs or just protein I no longer was eating things out of a box! That was a huge deal for me. Most foods that come out of a box or can have a lot of additives and preserves. I needed to be eating fresh clean foods that have a lot of nutrients to heal my damaged digestive tract. It was not easy! I slowly worked my way into it and now look 3 months later I am finally having very little pain. About a week or two ago I started to bring fresh meats back into my diet and I am slowly switching back over to high protein and veggies and very little carbs.

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Without even knowing what I was doing I started shopping an “Urban” style of shopping.

You’re probably wondering what I am talking about so I’ll explain a little to you. First, off this style of shopping mostly came from Europe because of a higher percentage of people live in urban settings then America. We are pretty spread out here in America, making it harder to go to the grocery store every day or a couple of times a week. Think of it as a health investment though! Don’t look at it as a chore look at it as an investment in your health! By shopping more, even if it is every Saturday or Sunday to get your fresh foods. You are saving money by not letting anything go to waste. Also, something I found that works well is to buy the markdown foods on there sell-by date making them cheaper and Ill cook them that day.

When it comes to grocery shopping for me there are some veggies I always keep stocked in the house!

I love these veggies because I can make a lot of meals with them. They are Kale, spinach, zucchini, fresh garlic, onion, portabella mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and red potatoes. It sounds like a lot but I have found that if I always keep those ingredients stocked I’m good to go. I probably stop 3 times a week at the local grocery store, to pick up fresh meats or anything I might need for the meals I’m making. You may be thinking that’s crazy I don’t have time for that and I don’t really either what so ever! I have made it a lifestyle habit to always have fresh foods in my house. Working in town or close to town allows me to stop on my way home from work to pick up whatever I may need. My health comes the first-period end of story.

You don’t always have to go to the grocery store and spend over 100$. I use to do that just because I wanted to stay stocked up. By doing that I bought too many vegetables, which ended in a lot of them going bad because I didn’t get to them in time. I had plenty of other foods to cook. I came up with a way to try to not waste any foods in my fridge. When I start to run out of food Ideas I will go on Pinterest and look up recipes with food that I have in my house, then I tweak the recipe to what I have in my house. Its been working really well lately. It also helps save you money and get your fridge cleaned out before anything goes to waste. Then I go grocery shopping and stock up with all my basic ingredients.

You will learn what works for your lifestyle and what doesn’t just like I’m doing. Don’t be scared to try new things and give your self an hour or two a day to make your food. The only way to eat clean and healthy is to prepare your own foods.

I look at it as investing in your self! You are worth it!

Hopefully, you found some of this information helpful.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave questions and comments. I’m always posting the food I make on Instagram.